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Overview of Duties

Duties of this Land Office

Duties relevant to land registration, land survey, land value assessment, management of land use, land titles, land register, and the issuance of land value certificates and cadastral map transcripts

The service region of this Land Office covers the northwest part of Yunlin County, which includes Taixi, Dongshi and Mailiao townships. There are 119,125 lots of land in this region, and the total area is 22,026 hectares, which includes 40,788 lots with 7,594 hectares in Taixi Township, 33,288 lots with 4,647 hectares in Dongshi Township and 45,139 lots with 9,785 hectares in Mailiao Township.

Duties of each Section
  • Services of the First Section (Registration Section):

    Tel: +886-5-6980560 ext.105 / 114
    Fax: +886-5-6980558

    1. Registration for the transfer and change of lands’/ buildings’ various titleships
    2. Issuance of land/building register transcripts 
    3. Registration of caution on seizure under request of courts, and registration of cancellation
    4. Registration of trust
    5. Inspection of cadastral information
    6. Assistance in filling out forms and application of simple cases
    7. Providing nonstop service at noon time (12:00-13:30 Monday through Friday). Services (accepting simple cases that require no registration fee):
      1. Registration for change of address
      2. Registration for change of names
      3. Registration for change of building’s doorplates (limited to the modification of doorplate coding)
      4. Registration of correction (limited to errors of names, birth dates, ID card numbers, address and doorplates which have been corrected by competent agencies with records)
      5. Registration for cancellation of mortgage
      6. Issuance of land/building register transcripts
      7. Inspection of cadastral information
      8. Issuance of cadastral map transcripts
      9. Issuance of building plan transcripts
      10. Inspection of cadastral maps
    8. One-stop service for people to get complete information about the whole service process
    9. Registration affairs for lands in which the registration of inheritance has not yet been made
    10. Cadastral clearance
    11. Legal consultancy service for other laws and regulations relevant to land registration
  • Services of the Second Section (Survey Section):

    Tel: +886-5-6980562 ext. 204
    Fax: +886-5-6980552

    1. Land re-survey, building survey
    2. Survey under request from courts
    3. Issuance of cadastral map transcripts and building plan transcripts 
    4. Inspection of cadastral maps
    5. Query relevant to survey affairs
  • Services of the Third Section (management of land value and use ):

    Tel: +886-5-6980563 ext. 206 / 303 / 304
    Fax: +886-5-6980552

    1. Survey of land value fluctuations and market prices
    2. Affairs relevant to the announcement of current land value and land prices
    3. Issuance of land value certificates
    4. Query of latest publically announced current land value
    5. Zoning of land use for non-urban areas
    6. Management, lease and release of public lands
    7. Expropriation and appropriation of lands
    8. Administration management (general affairs and cashier)
    9. Document management (reception and dispatch of official documents)
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