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What kind of documents shall I prepare to apply for confirmation on land boundary lines?
An application shall be made by the landowner. For lands owned jointly by several owners, an application can be made by one owner. In such an application, the following documents shall be submitted: 1. Application Form of Land Re-survey 2. When an ap...<More>
How to apply for a land re-survey?
Applicants shall fill out the Application Form of Land Re-survey and attach relevant titleship certificates or other evidential documents in making an application to the Land Office with jurisdiction in the place where the lands are located. In the e...<More>
As with the transfer of titleship for the sales of lands, what kind of issues shall buyers pay heed to?
1. The issues that land buyers shall pay heed to include the following items: (1) Applicants shall at first check landforms, locations and current status of the lands, and their boundary lines; it will be better for applicants to make an application ...<More>
How to report false registration of real transaction prices?
According to current laws and regulations relevant to the registration of real transaction prices, owner, land administration agents, or real estate brokers shall report and apply for the registration of real estate transaction information. If you ha...<More>
In application for registration of inheritance, what kinds of documents shall be attached?
In applying for the registration of inheritance, the following documents shall be attached: (1) Application Form of Registration (2) Certificates of ownership or other rights (3) Latest Household Registration Transcript by the time the deceased has p...<More>
When shall one apply for inheritance registration?
(1) When nominal owners of registered lands or buildings pass away, their heirs shall apply to the land offices, where such lands are located in terms of jurisdiction, for inheritance registration within 6 months. (2) For lands or buildings in which ...<More>
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Should you have any question regarding relevant affairs, please contact the County’s competent authorities, including the Land Administration Department (+886-5-5522697) or the Civil Affairs Department (+886-5-5522090), Yunlin County Government...<More>
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