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Service Charges

Service Charges
Item of Charge Standard of Charge
Certificate Cost Eighty (80) dollars per page
Certificate Processing Fee Eighty (80) dollars per page
Registration Form/ Attachment Copy/ Copy Fee Ten (10) dollars per page
Screen of Inquiry Printing Twenty (20) dollars per page
Personal Information Databank Reading Fee Twenty(20) dollars per Twenty (20) minute interval; calculated per interval
Land Information Fee (via E-mail) Ten (10) dollars per item
Registration Copy /Partial Registration Copy Fee Photocopy:Five (5) dollars per page
Computer Print-out:(20) dollars per page
Reading Fee of Copy of Cadastre Ten (10) dollars per twenty (20) minute interval; calculated per interval
Time Fee For Use of On-Site Electronic Resources; Land Information and Cadastral Map Databank Twenty (20) dollars per five (5) minute interval; calculated per interval
Rezoning and Amendment Records Photocopy:Five (5) dollars per page
Land Rights Transfer Inquiries Ten (10) dollars per three (3) minute interval
Cadastral Map Copying Processing Fee Photocopy:Fifteen (15) dollars per page
Manual Tracing:Forty (40) dollars per page
Computer Print-out: Twenty (20) dollars per page
Updated:2021-02-01 PM 05:00:18
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