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One-stop service

For simple registration cases:

You only need to prepare complete evidential documents and registration fees, and then come to the Office for application; we will fill in the application forms and relevant documents for you as part of the comprehensive service.
Simple cases (referring to those that must be applied by the applicants themselves) include:

  1. Cancellation of mortgage
  2. Change of address
  3. Registration for change of names
  4. Change of building doorplates [limited to the modification of doorplate coding]
  5. Renewal of certificates
  6. Registration of correction [limited to errors of names, birth dates, ID card numbers, address and doorplates which have been corrected by competent agencies with records]

The processing time of simple cases is limited to one hour. [But such processing time may be appropriately prolonged when there are more than five lots (buildings) applying for registration.]

Application for transcripts, inspection of the following items and land value certificates:
  1. Land/building register transcripts
  2. Inspection of cadastral information
  3. Cadastral map transcripts
  4. Land value certificates
  5. Building plan transcripts
  6. Inspection of cadastral maps
  7. Lists and indices of change
  • You may complete the whole process of application, fee calculation, payment and certificate reception in only one service counter.
  • In service counters for register transcript affairs, applications either to this Office or other offices can be processed.
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